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The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!

From your smartphone or mobile device, please visit our mobile site at:

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Welcome to the Community ISD Parent Portal to Grades.  If you have an account from last year, you can use your username and password from last year.


Parent portal ID’s (your child’s) are permanent as long as they are enrolled in Community Schools. If you need to set up a new account and do not know your child's Portal ID, you can contact the secretary at your child's campus.


NeSmith Elementary - Tonja Shepard - tonja.shepard@communityisd.org - 972-843-8625

McClendon Elementary - DeAnna Robertson - deanna.robertson@communityisd.org - 972-843-8484

Edge Middle - Kathleen Hays - kathleen.hays@communityisd.org - 972-843-8411

Community High - Penny Pierce - penny.pierce@communityisd.org - 972-843-8575